Friday, March 25, 2011

What a day it has been...

Today was a very interesting day. My beautiful wife made a game for me to play. she called it a treasure hunt but it was not it was a wait and see game, this game is quite worth the wait tho. She had did a wonderful video for me and a song called iris by goo goo dolls. Then had some what to look like they are going to be amazing flowers deilvered to me from flora flora i am SOOO excited. Sorry hubby but this is way better than your time of giving me roses haha. ( that my friends is a story for another day) 
This is the beautiful flowers she sent me.. i will take photos of them every day :) to show there progress. but from the photos online the look to be VERY beautiful.

The second photo are some flowers my hubby had made for our bed room they are beautiful also but they are fake .. lol but still beautiful none the less. He actually has kinda a queer eye for the straight guy type of design. He did very well in my opinion. Lol and i don't think he did it on purpose but he did everything so that its symetrical and that's my thing i like everything to match or have a partner. i have ocd and its taken me a long time to control some things. But the beauty of the room surpassed my control issue for the time being and i was able to enjoy it.

On top of the amazing day i had i payed something forward my husbands friend said he had no money for food. so i ordered him dominos. Even though we don't have really any money our selves i just was in such a good mood that i thought i would be nice haha. and being nice got us 50 dollars cause apparently our electric bill wasn't as expensive as i allotted for so karma has come around to me.

As for my book, i have about 149 pages left and OMG i can't believe the shit that is going down right now haha.  So the series is about a witch and a vampire how they are kinda like crime fighters sorta and well the witch isn't suppose to be with the vampire cause the witch blood is poison to the vampire type bs. anyway this book is about the other witches that were out cast with Jazz. and its getting intense i love that witches and warlocks won't really work out but cupid has other plans and i am terribly excited to see what exactally these plans are.

Shortly i will need to go get my nails filled i am going to try and save enough money for me outta every pay check. i know thats selfish but i like being able to get my nails done its something that i don't like after a while but just knowing i can go do something is a freedom i needed for a long time.

Wow Kitchen Nightmares tonight was Freaking AMAZING!! i love Gordon Ramsey! lol he is so AWESOME haha. yes to caps in one paragraph. So Excited for Hell's Kitchen to air again. It looks like July 19 there will be another one. Any way back to Kitchen Nightmares.  Tonight was the FIRST night (that i've seen there were prolly others) that i saw one actually shut down after he has been there. i mean what does that say to him a big F*U* cause he came there to try and make things better and people loved it but apparently you can't get over your self to make your restaurant work. *big sigh*  Gordon you rock that's all i got to say bout that.

Well after a Wonderful day today, i am excited to see what is in store for tomorrow, i get to see my sister and the boys i am excited for that. i am sure we will have an awesome time! but to get off here and hopefully finish my book.

Until next time.
Peace and love ... Rynfir.

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  1. Sounds Amazing! ohhh, and you shouldn't think its selfish to budget money for your nail. have to indulge and do something that makes you feel better.
    love yoU!