Thursday, March 24, 2011

~Happy Thursday~

Today was a great day for me. Sounds weird but seriously. I didn't do much today but i started my website for my photography. JenMarie Photography this excites me cause i haven't been doing much photography in my life and it makes me happy so i want to start to do it again!

Recently i started a new relationship. i am in a polyamorous relationship. I am married to a man, and i am married to a woman. i love my life. It has taken me a very long month to understand what i need to say what i needed to do. in order to make other people happy i need to make my self happy first. To my family i am sorry for this past month. I love you guys dearly.

This week i have finished one book already Ghouls, Ghouls, Ghouls  By: Victoria Laurie i love all her books i have read both of her mystery series and i really want to read her oracles series. I personally think she is an amazing writer.  i have to wait to July 5th for her new book to be released lol. its gunna take forever.

The other book i am reading is the 3rd in the series  Wicked by any other name by: Linda Wisdom 
i love her books she has books about witches loving vampires. and the story lines are awesome. so as i read the third one i will give my review.

Back to Ghouls Ghouls Ghouls, the book was great but it was slow in my opinion i am not sure if it was the way i was reading cause i was using a nook, and i hate charging that dang thing. lol but i love how fast i can read the books. and being able to have as many books with me at all times.  i altho can't do the nook color that just is stupid to me cause it reads like a computer screen. I figure if i wanted to look at a computer screen then i would just read my computer which doesn't help when i am outside cause the sunlight you can't really see the screen anyway.

Well if you didn't watch tonight's results on American Idol Casey Abrams was suppose to go home tonight. but the judges used there one save of the season to keep him on. Do i think that was smart not so much. he is a good singer but it was way to early in the show to use the wild card. So now there are 11 people going on tour so this is a new big thing for American Idol.  My votes go for Scotty and Lauren. They stick true to the country roots i have grown up with all my life. I wouldn't mind hearing them on the radio.

I think this is it in today's edition of Rynfir's World.
Until Next time ... Peace 

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