Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Crazy times we lead...

Well things are still going well for me and my family alot of changes have happened in the past few months most of them are for the better.. Now we gear up for summer. Getting ready for school and all that great stuff along the way.. where does the time go? Well back to work i go :D Maybe i'll post more in the future!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

WELL.... it's SUNDAY! race DAY

Yesterday was a great day! i hung out with my best friend from high school. We bbqed and had a great night. It's nice to having people in my life again.

So last night i drunk a little bit and we were all sitting around and talking so i didn't get a chance to take a photo of my flowers. But my photos from today make me happy the iris's started to bloom :) can't wait for the lilies to bloom.

They are becoming beautiful flowers.
 i am so excited.

So a i finished my book today and OMG i loved the ending and i have started the next one in the series Hex in high heals. What ticks me off is the fact that they changed the title and she completely made a new series off of it.. now i do wanna try and read it but i am worried the book will not be the same as in the same context of the other books and i don't wanna start a new series i just wanna finish this series haha so i am torn. what to do.

Oh and did you see the race today.. OMG i can't believe this.. so my wife predicted that kyle bush was going to win. and he almost did 5 laps to go and he was in the lead then my guy (jimmie johnson # 48) decided to pass YES!! so i was all up in the "football touch down" mode and yelling screaming and getting exicted LAST half turn DANG IT !! kevin harvick passes jimmie by slingshoting and bumping him from behind DAMN IT!! haha so kevin harvick won.. and jimmie was second. but still seriously that was like the most intense ending for me in a LONG time! Can't wait till next weekends race.

Next weekend i will pretty much be all alone. Kinda sad about that, well not all alone but with harm. yea it will be nice to bond with her but sad thing is we can't do much. there is still snow on the ground and no money warrants a stay at home mode for me.  I guess for the 6 days i am alone i will end up cleaning and cleaning and oh cleaning.. haha.

I have made a goal list for me.. this list is of things i want or want to do in life now some time i want more things than i need.. but these things for me are things to better my self. i can explain some things but lol some are self explained.

Goal 1 : Be 199 lbs by may 1st
Goal 2: own a DSLR ( so i can learn to take awesome photos)
Goal 3: Get a Tripod( to help with the photography)
Goal 4: Get a Zune ( to help me zone out when i am stressed i love music and its better than smoking)
Goal 5: Get a Car ( to help me get away from the house when there is no car available)
Goal 6: be under 190 lbs by my 25th bday
Goal 7: Get daughter Potty Trained by her 3rd bday ( to have something acomplished for her)
Goal 8: Dye my hair ( to make me feel different )
Goal 9: Travel Route 66
Goal 10: Get a Patio set ( i want this to sit out side this summer to watch the kids play)
Goal 11: Help daughter Be happy in life
Goal 12: Graduate from a photography school
Goal 13: Be happy
Goal 14: Get out of debt
Goal 15: Get a house
Goal 16: Run a Great Photography studio
Goal 17: Get the girls a Play ground set.
Goal 18: Learn how to bake a Cheesecake
Goal 19: Get down to 145lbs total
Goal 20: Read all the books i own at this date.

These are my goals for now. i am sure i will have more in life but as of today in life to be happy these are the things i want.  I have decided i want to become an amazing photographer i know this i have wanted this for quite some time and to do this i will need a few things :) so to get ahead in life it is my goal to get the things i need for that.

Then to get away when i am stressed i started smoking and i REALLY hate it .. i hate smoking with a passion the smell the act everything so i want to stop but my ipod isnt large enough to put stress re-leaving music on it. so i am wanting a Zune. i have talked to alot of people and when i asked them which was better they said the zune so that is my next purchase when i get money. listening to music is a great way for me to get away from things and to think and not feel weird. and to read makes me feel like i am in a whole nother place so those are my escapes.

I talked to a friend of my hubby and i's the other night and it made me wanna go back to playing world of warcraft but in the end i like being free of that trap for now. :) i will go back but it will be a little while before i get back on there.

Well i think i might get back to reading for the night.

With this i leave you with my horoscope for today :) wonder how true it is...
March 27, 2011Venus is now moving through your career and reputation sector, and this influence is good for your public image and for professional endeavors. You are able to bring more charm and polish to relations on the job, and higher-ups tend to look upon you favorably during this cycle that lasts until April 20th. Some of you could be more "public" with your love relationships, and many of you are more aware of how you are coming across. Today, clarity is hard to come by in most areas of life, as your ideals tend to dominate your practical judgment.

Huh .. weird. i dont have a job or career so its hard to judge this one .. until tomorrow

Blessed be

Friday, March 25, 2011

What a day it has been...

Today was a very interesting day. My beautiful wife made a game for me to play. she called it a treasure hunt but it was not it was a wait and see game, this game is quite worth the wait tho. She had did a wonderful video for me and a song called iris by goo goo dolls. Then had some what to look like they are going to be amazing flowers deilvered to me from flora flora i am SOOO excited. Sorry hubby but this is way better than your time of giving me roses haha. ( that my friends is a story for another day) 
This is the beautiful flowers she sent me.. i will take photos of them every day :) to show there progress. but from the photos online the look to be VERY beautiful.

The second photo are some flowers my hubby had made for our bed room they are beautiful also but they are fake .. lol but still beautiful none the less. He actually has kinda a queer eye for the straight guy type of design. He did very well in my opinion. Lol and i don't think he did it on purpose but he did everything so that its symetrical and that's my thing i like everything to match or have a partner. i have ocd and its taken me a long time to control some things. But the beauty of the room surpassed my control issue for the time being and i was able to enjoy it.

On top of the amazing day i had i payed something forward my husbands friend said he had no money for food. so i ordered him dominos. Even though we don't have really any money our selves i just was in such a good mood that i thought i would be nice haha. and being nice got us 50 dollars cause apparently our electric bill wasn't as expensive as i allotted for so karma has come around to me.

As for my book, i have about 149 pages left and OMG i can't believe the shit that is going down right now haha.  So the series is about a witch and a vampire how they are kinda like crime fighters sorta and well the witch isn't suppose to be with the vampire cause the witch blood is poison to the vampire type bs. anyway this book is about the other witches that were out cast with Jazz. and its getting intense i love that witches and warlocks won't really work out but cupid has other plans and i am terribly excited to see what exactally these plans are.

Shortly i will need to go get my nails filled i am going to try and save enough money for me outta every pay check. i know thats selfish but i like being able to get my nails done its something that i don't like after a while but just knowing i can go do something is a freedom i needed for a long time.

Wow Kitchen Nightmares tonight was Freaking AMAZING!! i love Gordon Ramsey! lol he is so AWESOME haha. yes to caps in one paragraph. So Excited for Hell's Kitchen to air again. It looks like July 19 there will be another one. Any way back to Kitchen Nightmares.  Tonight was the FIRST night (that i've seen there were prolly others) that i saw one actually shut down after he has been there. i mean what does that say to him a big F*U* cause he came there to try and make things better and people loved it but apparently you can't get over your self to make your restaurant work. *big sigh*  Gordon you rock that's all i got to say bout that.

Well after a Wonderful day today, i am excited to see what is in store for tomorrow, i get to see my sister and the boys i am excited for that. i am sure we will have an awesome time! but to get off here and hopefully finish my book.

Until next time.
Peace and love ... Rynfir.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

~Happy Thursday~

Today was a great day for me. Sounds weird but seriously. I didn't do much today but i started my website for my photography. JenMarie Photography this excites me cause i haven't been doing much photography in my life and it makes me happy so i want to start to do it again!

Recently i started a new relationship. i am in a polyamorous relationship. I am married to a man, and i am married to a woman. i love my life. It has taken me a very long month to understand what i need to say what i needed to do. in order to make other people happy i need to make my self happy first. To my family i am sorry for this past month. I love you guys dearly.

This week i have finished one book already Ghouls, Ghouls, Ghouls  By: Victoria Laurie i love all her books i have read both of her mystery series and i really want to read her oracles series. I personally think she is an amazing writer.  i have to wait to July 5th for her new book to be released lol. its gunna take forever.

The other book i am reading is the 3rd in the series  Wicked by any other name by: Linda Wisdom 
i love her books she has books about witches loving vampires. and the story lines are awesome. so as i read the third one i will give my review.

Back to Ghouls Ghouls Ghouls, the book was great but it was slow in my opinion i am not sure if it was the way i was reading cause i was using a nook, and i hate charging that dang thing. lol but i love how fast i can read the books. and being able to have as many books with me at all times.  i altho can't do the nook color that just is stupid to me cause it reads like a computer screen. I figure if i wanted to look at a computer screen then i would just read my computer which doesn't help when i am outside cause the sunlight you can't really see the screen anyway.

Well if you didn't watch tonight's results on American Idol Casey Abrams was suppose to go home tonight. but the judges used there one save of the season to keep him on. Do i think that was smart not so much. he is a good singer but it was way to early in the show to use the wild card. So now there are 11 people going on tour so this is a new big thing for American Idol.  My votes go for Scotty and Lauren. They stick true to the country roots i have grown up with all my life. I wouldn't mind hearing them on the radio.

I think this is it in today's edition of Rynfir's World.
Until Next time ... Peace 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


So with my constant addiction to World of Warcraft. i haven't been blogging like i should .. so in my mind i should get my but working on things lol.. i think even tho i do nothing pretty much all day long i need to start a fine schedule lol.. and stick to it. 

I have finally come to the conclusion that i get really depressed in the winter time.. not enough warm and green and bright sun.. today i am so excited its not funny.. i wish i had water boots for my daughter.. but shes gunna end up going out in her winter boots lol. Today's high is 48 degrees in Feb. that makes me happy. lol i think thats one thing i liked about kentucky when we lived there it was almost always nice. the summer could get a little warm but i still loved it.

Besides the weather depression i also realized i miss my friends.. The one thing that i had out of the army was the friendships .. and i really wish that i could see those people more often.. Or figure out how to make friends like i did when i was there. its a totally different ballgame now .. at least we all had some things in common .. now its a struggle on how to find people that arn't all about them selves now days.. and to find kids for my daughter to play with even is tough especially when you never are able to leave your house. 

As i said before some times it feels as if i am a prisoner and i can try and try to break free but i get sucked back in...

I just got a new photo editing software so here is my first edit :) ..
 The photo before i edited it ...

yes i am excited for the warmer weather to come about :)...

so that was my first attempt at editing .. i think it looks kinda cool but i can say everything i do looks cool so eeh..

i should get back to my archeology work in world of warcraft i am looking for a certian item lol.. it will prolly take me years but i gotta get up there so i am able to be ready :)

Have a great day!

Monday, January 31, 2011

What a Great Day.

So as i blog from what happened yesterday lol.. yesterday was a great day. WE actually got 99% of things on my to do list done..* the only thing left on my list was to read one chapter of my book* Our house is just about as clean as its gunna get. :) i took peanut outside she had a wonderful time climbing the snow banks and just having a good ol' time.  Then we came in to warm up. Yesterday morning i did the Kinect Adventures before everyone got up so i didn't feel like people were watching me and i felt good all day long.

Today i am not doing the kinect Adventures.. I am going to relax today *haha like i don't relax everyday*. Anyway i am uploading the photo of the day from yesterday.. kinda confusing that i am a day behind lol but ehh ill figure it out.. i am always to busy to post before i go to bed. * yes i am a World of Warcraft player haha that is why i am busy*

So other than yesterday's snow outting and getting our house completely picked up for once haha.  We got peanut to sleep for her nap time. and while she was sleeping lol she must have been playing cause when i went to wake her she was no where to be found .. i took a photo.. can you find the baby?

Don't worry cleaning her room is on today's list of to'dos lol....

And here's yesterday's 365 photo

That's my peanut .. she is my squishy ... lol

Well that is it for this morning.. now off to make my peanut eat her breakfast.. 

Sunday, January 30, 2011

We'll i started...

Working out today.. it may not be much but from what i have been doing (nothing) its something. I really want to get a treadmill and a new computer but we have to see what comes about lol. here is Day one of my 365 and if i can keep up i will keep doing it.. but don't hold me to it haha.. i have a bad time keeping up with things.

Its getting close to valentines day.. and it makes me wonder what i should get my hubby.. this is my daughters lion from last valentines lol he roars..

Well other wise not much going on in the world of me today.. maybe after my list of things to do i will have more to write about..

Enjoy your Sunday!