Wednesday, February 16, 2011


So with my constant addiction to World of Warcraft. i haven't been blogging like i should .. so in my mind i should get my but working on things lol.. i think even tho i do nothing pretty much all day long i need to start a fine schedule lol.. and stick to it. 

I have finally come to the conclusion that i get really depressed in the winter time.. not enough warm and green and bright sun.. today i am so excited its not funny.. i wish i had water boots for my daughter.. but shes gunna end up going out in her winter boots lol. Today's high is 48 degrees in Feb. that makes me happy. lol i think thats one thing i liked about kentucky when we lived there it was almost always nice. the summer could get a little warm but i still loved it.

Besides the weather depression i also realized i miss my friends.. The one thing that i had out of the army was the friendships .. and i really wish that i could see those people more often.. Or figure out how to make friends like i did when i was there. its a totally different ballgame now .. at least we all had some things in common .. now its a struggle on how to find people that arn't all about them selves now days.. and to find kids for my daughter to play with even is tough especially when you never are able to leave your house. 

As i said before some times it feels as if i am a prisoner and i can try and try to break free but i get sucked back in...

I just got a new photo editing software so here is my first edit :) ..
 The photo before i edited it ...

yes i am excited for the warmer weather to come about :)...

so that was my first attempt at editing .. i think it looks kinda cool but i can say everything i do looks cool so eeh..

i should get back to my archeology work in world of warcraft i am looking for a certian item lol.. it will prolly take me years but i gotta get up there so i am able to be ready :)

Have a great day!

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