Monday, January 31, 2011

What a Great Day.

So as i blog from what happened yesterday lol.. yesterday was a great day. WE actually got 99% of things on my to do list done..* the only thing left on my list was to read one chapter of my book* Our house is just about as clean as its gunna get. :) i took peanut outside she had a wonderful time climbing the snow banks and just having a good ol' time.  Then we came in to warm up. Yesterday morning i did the Kinect Adventures before everyone got up so i didn't feel like people were watching me and i felt good all day long.

Today i am not doing the kinect Adventures.. I am going to relax today *haha like i don't relax everyday*. Anyway i am uploading the photo of the day from yesterday.. kinda confusing that i am a day behind lol but ehh ill figure it out.. i am always to busy to post before i go to bed. * yes i am a World of Warcraft player haha that is why i am busy*

So other than yesterday's snow outting and getting our house completely picked up for once haha.  We got peanut to sleep for her nap time. and while she was sleeping lol she must have been playing cause when i went to wake her she was no where to be found .. i took a photo.. can you find the baby?

Don't worry cleaning her room is on today's list of to'dos lol....

And here's yesterday's 365 photo

That's my peanut .. she is my squishy ... lol

Well that is it for this morning.. now off to make my peanut eat her breakfast.. 

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