Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Been a month.

So in a month we've moved in to a nice house... in the middle of no where. Altho it is quite nice. We like it here but i guess since its not mine i can't be totally comfortable especially since i am still not sure how long we will be here.

On a brighter note tho we do have a extra bed room.. so my hubbs told me that it could be my room and i have decided it should be my sewing room. now i have to actually figure out how to sew. LOL yes i am self teaching my self.  i first decided i was going to quilt so i taught my self how to sew quilts its not so hard i just have to learn a little patience but after words i might be able to really understand. :) so now my first goal today is to figure out what i want to sew.

then to figure out what kinda fabric i wanna make it out of. lol cause i dont have alot of fabric but to get me started it doesnt matter.. :)

alright well off to figure out what to do today.. Peace

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