Wednesday, October 20, 2010

wow its really morning

So I haven't been posting because we had found a place to live last Monday and we moved in the next day so we've been here for a week now. The landlord needs to get her butt in gear before I just throw all her shit out. She has one whole bed room of stuff that would be extra awesome if it was clean. That room is going to end up being my sewing room. So I am kinda excited about that when ever it will be done.

Besides that yesterday I started and finished blond with a wand. It actually was a good book. I'm gunna have to ebook the second book in the series. But its totally worth it. Today I am going to be working on finishing curtains. Figure what better way to make a place more homey than to make things your self right.

Hobby abduction don't seem to be doing so well not sure why but its really starting to take a toll on my mental health. I feel no matter what I do say or don't do were fighting about something. This morning it was pens I used his pen to deposit his check last night and he went apeshit cause I forgot to put it back on the counter.
It seems to be little shot that pisses us off and that is really driving me nuts.

Well enough about my petty life I may end up venting again later until next time...

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