Thursday, October 7, 2010

Is it really thursday already?

Wow where did my week go? oh i know its been REALLY NICE! lol.. yes so tuesday i went up to see my grandma and it went well there was no problems so next wed were going up again to see her this time my mom is taking us tho.

My grandma also gave me some fabric to help me finish a quilt i was working on. So excited about that. Then yesterday my dad and i went for a ride. think the only thing we did do was waste gas and eat at kfc. something else i didn't need.

And then there is thursday one of my fave days of the week cause bones is on... haha .. yes i have shows on every day but thursday is one of my fave.  so i am pretty much stuck on  Fox shows cause for the longest time all i had for a tv channel was fox so i got in to them ... but now i am back watching supernatural yep cant forget sam and dean winchester. HUBBA HUBBA yes i said it...

But what about tomorrow?? lol yes we have to go to the bank to figure out our bill situation and i have to order some checks i am thinking about using unlimited check thing that comes in the coupon book but i am not sure about it or not.

But other than that i dont know what to do with this weekend i do know we need to start planning things so i am not always wondering what were doing and so there is no getting upset when something doesnt go our way but i am sure we will figure things out in a orderly fashion.. or we'll end up bitching like always.

Today DD and i did our new project of the week we walked around the yard collecting leaves and such and then made a wreath but our glue went missing so we ended up taping them on to the plate..

Think next weeks project will be masks for her to play with.

Well tomorrow i will post photos of the wreath, and my quilt so far.. its coming along pretty well if i do say so my self lol.

Blessed Be

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