Monday, October 4, 2010

Another Monday...

We decided that we were going to go have a kite day yesterday but it didnt work as well as i planned.

 well we had a little wind outside so i decided to blow up her kite but as soon as we got outside the wind went away.
 shes looking for the wind
 pretty fall colors
 still shot telephone pole
 tv antenna

So yet today not sure why but we went riding with my dad around the state ... i like riding with him cause i get to see new places in wisconsin. but other than that nothing interesting happened to me today...  i ended up getting harmony some new flash cards. she is really smart i love how much she is learning. How fast she is learning its amazing. Tomorrow we might head up to go see my grandma. i am not sure how that is going to turn out but we will see. it bothers me she cant call me but expects us to call and cater to her. after this attempt if she doesnt step up i give up.

Well i am thinking i might read a bit night blogging world ..

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