Friday, October 1, 2010

Day of Geocaching

So today before my hubby leaves for drill i decided it would be great to go find some caches. so heres a logging of our trip.

 Just me thinking the trees will all be dead soon.. not looking forward to this time.. i do love the leaves the green and the fall colors ... and after being in kentucky for 4 years i will miss the milder winters. i do love it when its warm.
 gls1000 Geocache.  After trying to find it last week and nearly getting shot i decided that i would try again today. Only this time i found it and found that i have a great time doing this with my family if only they would want to go with me a little more often.
 Daddy and daughter. she gets just as excited as i do when were caching .. for 30 mins in the car she's like we cache we cache we cache.. i think cause of yesterday she thinks she might find something cool.
 So after heading back to our home. we decided to lay our daughter down for a nap while papaw watched her and we headed out to do another one we left her home cause the trail was a little more hectic and we dont want her to get hurt. so anyway once we found this cache i made hubby move the deer antler that was left there. Really you had to leave it there? eww.
 Well another cache on the books for today. only it saddened me that this cache was pretty much empty so i decided to add a few extra items i added a bunch of swag and headed on my way.
But of course as we were leaving we found yet another skull. hubby knows about this stuff i dont lol. he said that the antlers had been cut off and the rest been scavenged i dont really care i think its gross either way.

Then on the 29th it took me 2 hours to figure out a puzzle cache. after figuring it out i decided to go track it down on the 30th. So here's my secret on how i found the Where'd the lake go cache. yes i am not telling you anything else about it but this clue use the topo maps that has. this caused me much pain but as soon as i figured it out i figured it out lol.

 Leaves of three let them be... so i come upon this just a sec before my daughter ran in to it.. i snatched her up just in time for her not to get hit by the whole lot of poison ivy.

 Here i am standing in this field for about 15 minutes. looking around i found nothing then i found it stuck in a tree :)
 why she loves caching ... she gets toys
She Loves toys....

Well now on to our other events for today i started reading Wicca for beginners. i am re- learning and re- reading i once was in touch with ... its been a while for me... and i want to get all the way ready to re-delicate my self on Samhain. I think this will be good for me as i need to get back in touch with the goddess.. i hear her calls but being to stubborn to answer her is not getting me very far in life.

Well to finish watching supernatural then off for some extensive reading. :)

Blessed Be.

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